The Diocese of Burlington established in 1853

Remembering the work of the Holy Spirit,
working towards the future God has in store.

our history

The roots of our Catholic faith here in Vermont lie in our noteworthy history. When we read about the remarkable men and women who prepared the soil and planted the seeds of our faith, we realize that the Holy Spirit has been at work from the beginning until now.
One significant signpost in that history was the official establishment of our diocese, when Bishop DeGoesbriand was appointed the first Bishop of Burlington in 1853. We look back at that year with great pride and in that memory we rediscover our roots and we find our hope for the future. As an adult may return to the home of his childhood and reconnect with the ties that bind, so too do we feel the spark of our life in the church reignited as we reflect on the work of the Holy Spirit in 1853.


who we are

162 years later this same Spirit continues to work in our diocese, perhaps especially now as our new Bishop leads us from maintenance to mission. Many individuals have been moved to make gifts of extraordinary generosity in support of that mission.

In order to properly acknowledge those individuals, the 1853 Society has been established. Members include those parishioners who support the annual appeal with a gift of at least $1,853.00. We are very thankful for their generosity and foresee that with the growth of the 1853 Society, our diocese will also be blessed with growth and that many will find their way home again in the Church.

what we do

The 1853 Society has opportunities to gather throughout the year for fellowship and briefings on the impact their support has had in the Diocese of Burlington. Audience with Bishop Christopher Coyne, and detailed communication throughout the year, ensure the Society’s bonds are woven within the Kingdom of God, as it expands within the state of Vermont.

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1853 Projects

The Society's main focus is towards the projects mainatined and advanced by The Bishop's Fund Annual Appeal. Within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, nearly 120,000 Catholics attend 73 parishes and 44 mission churches. Over 10,000 students receive Catholic instruction each year through our parish catechetical programs and 13 Catholic schools. Through the supervision of Vermont Catholic Charities, Inc., hundreds of people are provided with a variety of services. The specific ministries which will benefit from the Society's work, are as follows:

Inspired on a mission of mercy

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Parish Progress


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If you are interested in joining the 1853 Society, or want to find out more about the mission and benefits of this group, please contact us today.


Ellen Kane
Executive Director of Development &
The Vermont Catholic Community Foundation
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