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“Have the courage to go against the tide of current values
that do not conform to the path of Jesus.”  - Pope Francis


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Catholic belief is becoming counter-cultural as our society increasingly abandons the basic truths about marriage, family, life and human sexuality that used to be nearly universally understood across all religious faiths and ethnicities.  The elderly, the young, the unborn, the sick and disabled, and the financially disadvantaged are most at risk because of the growing modern mindset.  As Catholics, we are urgently called to help reignite a respect for the dignity of all human life from natural conception until natural death, and to defend our right to teach, believe and act on these principles.  

The Office of Respect Life Ministries has assembled a Speakers Bureau that includes priests, bioethicists and other experts who can help educate Catholics to be better prepared to evangelize the wider culture about critically important topics that are no longer well understood.  Suggested topics are listed below.  If you do not see a topic here which you are interested in for your parish program, organization or youth group, please contact us with your suggestion and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Youth-Specific Topics

Pro-Life 101! 

Our youth are our future: Empower them to bring a Culture of Life into the 21st Century. This presentation begins with a call to compassion, approaching the topic of abortion as a human rights issue that demands justice for both women and the unborn.  Using logical arguments based in facts and science, dynamic pro-life youth speaker Sarah Mary Toce both educates and inspires young people with this hour-long talk.   


Chastity:  A Countercultural Challenge

Aimed at middle- and high- school students, this program offers insight, affirmation and guidance for making moral choices in a society where sexual behavior is too often presented as “morally neutral.”  Young people are challenged to think about the vocation to which God is calling them and the consequences of the choices they make.  Contraception and abortion are discussed in age-appropriate ways. 


Natural Family Planning


Natural Family Planning: Pro-woman and Pro-Family

This talk explores fallacies about contraception and explodes myths about “Catholic birth control.” The reality is that used properly, NFP is highly effective, 100% natural, environmentally friendly, and cost-free!  NFP is not ‘rhythm’!  It is good for you, your marriage and even the environment.  Learn the facts about this highly effective, medically-proven, completely natural and theologically sound approach to family planning.



Post-Abortion Healing


Project Rachel: Mercy and Healing After Abortion

Pope John Paul II wrote: “No human sin can erase the mercy of God, or prevent him from unleashing all his triumphant power, if we only call upon him.”  Abortion wounds in many ways, and with an estimated one in three American women having had an abortion by age 45, the wounded are many.  Learn how Project Rachel, the Catholic Church's post-abortion healing ministry, helps those who have been involved in abortions find forgiveness, peace and healing.  


End of Life


Vermont Catholic Advance Directives

End of life ethics, concerns and choices: Learn how to write an Advance Directive and why having a Catholic Advance Directive can bring you peace of mind.   


Hospice and Palliative Care

What will end-of-life care look like in the future, and what ethical guidelines do Catholic caregivers have in making decisions about palliative care?  Find out more in this presentation from an experienced medical ethicist.


The Public Square


Forming Your Conscience for Voting

Is there such a thing as a “perfect” candidate?  What does the Church teach about voting with a Catholic conscience?  Each election cycle brings new challenges and decisions regarding candidates, parties and voting choices.  This presentation outlines Catholic teaching to help you form your own conscience prior to entering the ballot box.


Threats to Religious Freedom in the U.S.

As Catholic beliefs about marriage, abortion, end-of-life care, contraception and human sexuality are challenged by secular institutions and public policies, our right to teach and act according to our beliefs is being undermined in our schools, our laws and government institutions.  Learn specifics about the threats to religious freedom here in Vermont and what you can do.

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