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Stewardship is a way of life expressing thanks through prayer, worship, sacrifice for the gifts God has given, and the action of using our time, talents and treasure to strengthen our Church and the community around us.

StewardshipReflection Questions
How do I feel I have been a steward in my daily living, in prayer, at work, at mass?

What gifts, talents, strengths has God given me? Do I use them to help those around me? What can I do to become a better steward?

How do I see Jesus as a model for good stewardship? How does this compare to my own life?

What am I willing to sacrifice to become a better steward?

How can I help others use the gifts they have to become better stewards and continue to improve our community?

Lord, help us become the best stewards through prayer, worship, and sacrifice. Help us to be true disciples in praise to you, as an model for your love, and in our service to others. Amen

We are called to do something extra, take time to learn, and grow more in our faith and with our community.

At the end of each Mass we are instructed to "Go in peace to love and serve the Lord," to live our mission of evangelization. This week why not invite a friend to church, listen more closely to what is going on at Mass, spend some extra time in prayer, or participate as a lector or server.

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