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Building a culture of vocations

The Vocations Office of the Diocese of Burlington has launched an initiative for promoting and building a culture of vocations. Because the home is the primary place where culture is created, this program seeks to bring the Church’s vision for all vocations to parents and children.
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Swanton and St. Louis Church in Highgate Center have piloted the program during the past year.
“The Vocation Chalice Program allowed our family the opportunity to pause and pray,” commented Nicole Gadouas of Swanton. “During our week, we chose to pray each evening before dinner. Our children were excited to read the daily prayers and make it part of our time as a family. The opportunity allowed us to the have the presence of our faith in our busy weekly lives in addition to church on Sunday.”
Why a Vocation Chalice?
God creates each person with a vocation, a plan for how he or she will be called to love others. The chalice that is used for the program is emblematic of the Mass and the Eucharist, where Jesus Christ becomes truly present upon the altar under the forms of bread and wine. Jesus calls us to our vocations, as He is both the origin and destiny of every vocation and every person.
How does it work?
A parish that would like to implement the VCP would, with the pastor, contact the Vocation Office. First, a chalice is selected for use, either from the parish or diocesan archives. Next, the parish receives the VCP materials, which include a booklet with a brief daily catechesis and prayers for the family. Finally, a plan for implementation is created.
If you are interested in hosting the Vocation Chalice Program in your parish, please consult your pastor, and upon his approval, contact Father Jon Schnobrich in the Vocations Office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 802-658-6110 ext. 1175.
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