A worldwide extraordinary jubilee -  a Holy Year of Mercy - has been declared that will highlight the Catholic Church's mission to be a witness of mercy.

 Pope Francis teaches, "No one can be excluded from God's Mercy!" and so has proclaimed December 2015 - November 2016 a Holy Year.

The Holy Father has announced he is widely expanding the traditional indulgences available to Catholics during his upcoming Jubilee Year of Mercy, opening them to anyone who performs just one of the traditional works of mercy and to prisoners who pray at chapels available to them.

Throughout this jubilee year the Diocese of Burlington will offer multi-faceted celebrations that will gather the faithful at Saint Joseph Co-Cathedral each month where all will pray, sing and worship together. For specific information see the monthly calendar of events under "Schedule" on this site.

All are welcome and invited to attend.


All but two Jubilees are to be held at 3pm EST, at Saint Joseph Co-Cathedral in Burlington - the location of the Holy Door of Mercy. Exceptions are the June 18th Jubilee for Priests and Seminarians to be held at 10a.m. at St. Joseph Co-Cathedral, and the July 17th Jubilee for Families to be held at St. Anne's Shrine, Isle la Motte @ 12:15pm.

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