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Lent 2021



Weekly Lenten Online Schedule

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Daily Rosary Apostolate

The Diocese continues to offer a daily Rosary online. Individuals from around the diocese have been joining Valerie Parzyck from the office in leading each day. Interested? Here are the details, from Valerie:

“I would love it if you would schedule a time with me to record a Rosary. What does that look like exactly? It’s very simple! You email me with convenient times for you and once it is scheduled I will send you a link to Zoom for the appointed time. You may choose to show your face or, if you’d prefer, I can show slides for each mystery while we pray. If this is something you would like to participate in, please contact me. You can email me with a time that works for you and we can schedule it. Please email me at vparzyck@vermontcatholic.org.”

Full Online Schedule for Lent

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Spiritual Listener

This time of pandemic can be very stressful and leave us filled with worry and anxiety. In the midst of this uncertainty, the Lord comes to offer us His peace (John 20:19). And in offering us His Peace, He invites us to walk with and accompany each other.

If you would like to talk, share or pray with one of the Deacons of the Diocese of Burlington, please respond to the email address below and leave your contact information. One of the deacons of the diocese, skilled in the art of spiritual listening will then reach out to you. Please contact us at: pgummere@vermontcatholic.org

May the Peace of Christ be with you.