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Advent Appeal


Thank you for your support of Vermont families in need through Vermont Catholic Charities’ annual Advent Appeal. What an amazing gift of kindness.

Because of your financial support, 393 adults and 464 children received assistance during the Christmas season for basic needs like food, shelter, heat and electricity. Most families also received gift cards to help brighten their children’s Christmas morning. Your generosity makes an incredible difference in their lives. Every gift truly matters.  Please know that you provided joy, relief and hope to so many.  For example:

Grace and Tom, parents of 3 young children, worried about how they were going to celebrate Christmas. Tom had lost his job during the year and, although he is working now, they are trying to catch up on bills from the summer. “Thank you for helping us with a food card and a gift card.  We will be able to purchase winter boots, clothing and some gifts for the kids. This support ensures our children will have a great holiday that would otherwise have been impossible.”

Jean has two teenage children and also cares for her mother. Jean works full-time but finds it difficult, particularly in winter, to make ends meet.  Jean commented, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help at Christmas with heating fuel and a food card. This allows us to focus on family and what is really important around the holidays.”

Jill and Patrick have 4 children under the age of 13.  Jill suffers from a chronic illness which keeps her homebound except for medical appointments, and Patrick is her primary caregiver when he is not working.  They commented, “After a difficult year, we are grateful for the gift cards.  All we want is to see the smiles and feel the joy of our children on Christmas morning.  This generosity will make that possible.  What a blessing.”

Supporting our neighbors and communities is a cornerstone of the mission of Vermont Catholic Charities, and we thank you for being a partner in this worthy effort.


Wishing you a blessed New Year,


Mary Beth Pinard
Executive Director of Vermont Catholic Charities


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