It has been a full year of praying the rosary online and Valerie Parzyck is even more energized to connect with others through prayer.

What began as a daily livestream during the Covid-19 pandemic has turned into a prosperous ministry that has united people from throughout the state and beyond. Parzyck has recorded more than 470 rosary videos with parishioners, deacons and priests from throughout the Diocese which are then shared on Facebook and the diocesan website. The videos are also in multiple languages including French, Latin, Spanish, American Sign Language and Swahili.

People often ask her if she gets bored praying the rosary, but she never does.

“No, I don’t feel tired. I don’t feel frustrated. The more rosaries I do the more I feel relaxed,” said Parzyck who records up to four videos a day. “You feel refreshed after. Like you took a 25-minute nap.”

Before recording begins, the first hour is usually spent chatting with her guest that day and discussing any special intentions they should pray for. “I have received much feedback from people who have asked for intentions during rosaries, and we’ve been praying for these intentions and this week it seems daily issues have been resolved, people healed. It’s just really wonderful to hear that the prayers we’re saying are helping people,” she said

Additionally, the Diocese will be participating in the global Worldpriest Annual Rosary Relay on June 11. Worldpriest was established for the evangelization and strengthening of the Catholic faith with the main goal of uniting priests and laity to come together into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

“During that 24-hour period, every 15 minutes someone is going to be taking this spiritual baton in the relay and start praying the rosary,” Parzyck said. By midnight the entire world will have been praying for priests and the Catholic faith.

Join Burlington Bishop Christopher Coyne in praying the rosary in person at 2 p.m. at St. Joseph Cathedral in Burlington or virtually on Facebook or at communication/tv-mass.

This ministry is made possible with your gift to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. To make a gift online or to learn more visit:

— Originally published in the May 22–28, 2021, edition of The Inland See.