Just before the school year that began during the Year of St. Joseph — foster father, role model and teacher of Jesus — Vermont Catholic Managing Editor Cori Fugere Urban asked Catholic school personnel, “How do you see Catholic education affecting the next generation of Catholic leaders?” Their answers follow.

Catholic schools are vital to the future of our Church. Catholic school students live and learn

Gospel teachings and service to others while receiving an outstanding education. It is through

this unique and effective preparation that these students will have the solid foundation to

become our future leaders and will be poised to safely guide and build the Church for

generations to come.

—Lynn Cartularo, principal

Good Shepherd Catholic School

St. Johnsbury

Catholic education has always stressed that we are children of God. With that in mind, Catholic leaders will continue to value the dignity of every person.

—Craig Hill, principal

St. Francis Xavier School


The Gospel should permeate everything they do. They will hopefully be working to love like Matthew 22:37-40, raise families like John 15:13 and participate in the Mass like John 6.

—David Perry, math teacher

Christ the King School


Catholic education should promote a deep understanding of the world, how it works and the author of it.  This is a fundamentally different approach to education and is the foundation from which we seek to form knowledgeable and critically-thinking students, trained and compelled by truth, beauty and goodness and equipped to become the next generation of leaders inside and outside of the Church.

—Timothy Loescher, head of school

Mater Christi School, Burlington

The unwavering fidelity of Catholic schools to truth and the arts of learning will summon tomorrow’s leaders to civic, educational and ecclesiastical service.

—Steve Duchaney, academic dean

St. Michael School, Brattleboro

The greatest gift that the next generation of Catholic leaders will take from their Catholic education is their faith with the confidence that they can overcome challenges as they serve in a leadership capacity. Learning that God is always within to help and guide, supports perseverance as a leader works toward goals to benefit the community.

—Brenda Buzzell, principal

St. Monica-St. Michael School, Barre

—Originally published in the Fall 2020 issue of Vermont Catholic magazine.