As of Aug. 16, 2022, Mater Christi School is the official owner of the entire 20-acre property on which the school is located.

The properties at 50 Mansfield Ave. (Mater Christi School) and 100 Mansfield Ave. (the former Mount St. Mary motherhouse of the Sisters of Mercy) were purchased by Mater Christi School from the Sisters of Mercy.

Generous members of the Mater Christi School community made this purchase possible.

“This transaction guarantees the continuation of Mercy education at Mater Christi School and ensures a continued upward trend in enrollment,” said Head of School Tim Loescher. “One of the first and most significant opportunities the ownership presents is the reopening of the beautiful Mount St. Mary’s Chapel of the Sacred Heart to the Mater Christi School community.”

Mater Christi School will welcome 265 students into its classrooms on Aug. 31, the first day of the 137th year of Mercy education on Mansfield Avenue in Burlington.

About Mater Christi School:

Mater Christi School was founded by the Sisters of Mercy and is sponsored by the Mercy Education System of the Americas and accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Vermont Department of Education. It serves students in preschool through grade eight and provides a deep commitment to a rigorous, values-centered education with a focus on the arts, athletics and personal formation.

—Tim Loescher, Head of School, 802-658-3992,