St. Monica St. Michael School in Barre is proud to announce that this year in the local Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Court St. Monica contest, our students won in all categories: Essay, Poetry, Art and Computer Art, in regards to these topics: Let All You do be done with Love and Show Love to One Another. This year, all of our first-place winners won first place in the state contest and their entries have been forwarded to the national competition. Monetary prizes were awarded on the local and state level. Tammie Paterson, local CDA Regent and Judith Guild, local Education Chair presented these awards on March 17 at an outside physically distanced ceremony.  Father Pat Forman, pastor, presented last year’s state awards.  Many of our students also won or received honorable mention in the Elks Vermont state contest with the winners being forwarded to the national Elks competition. The Elks topic was How Can Patriotism Be Demonstrated? The contest winners are listed by Division, with CDA Division 1, Grades 4-5 and Division 2, Grades 6-8. The Elks Division 1 is Grades 5-6 and Division 2, Grades 7-8.  Congratulations to all!


2020 (last year) CDA State Winners                                       Elks Patriotism Essay Contest

Art: Div.1 – Lydia Cadorette                                                      Div. 1 – 1st – Austin Graves

Computer Art: Div. 1 – Max Bevins                                           Runners Up: Elias Hoar &  Maxwell Bevins

Div. 2 – Jaxon Keane

Essay: Div. 1 – Parker Harrington                                             Div. 2 – 1st – Jaxon Keane

Div. 2—Gabe Hoar                                                       Runners Up: Elizabeth Toborg & Hayden Morris

Poetry: Div. 2 – Salome Tchantouridze

CDA 2020-2021 Local Winners  

Essay: Div. 1 – 1st –Austin Graves                                              Art: Div. 1 –      1st – Emilia Poczobut

2nd– Madison Giannoni                                                                2nd – Elias Hoar

Honorable Mention (HM): Samantha Romei                                HM – Hallie Bellavance

Poetry: Div. 1 – 1st – Lizzy Sevi                                                 Art: Div. 2 –      1st – Elizabeth Lassner

2nd – Emilia Poczobut                                                                 2nd – Joyce Tadros

HM – Ziva Covey                                                                     HM – Salome Tchantouridze

Poetry: Div. 2 – 1st – Parker Harrington                                      Computer Art: Div. 1 – 1st – Lydia Cadorette

2nd – Hayden Morris                                                                  2nd – Ray Marineau

HM – Alex Poczobut                                                                HM – Chase Ladabouche

Computer Art: Div. 2 – 1st – Emma Cheney – Putney

2nd – Elizabeth Toborg

HM – Avery Burke