Imagine what it must have been like to attend the Wedding Feast at Cana – the dancing, the days of celebration, the foods and the wine. Jesus, His mother Mary and the disciples are in attendance. And then through Mary’s intercession and to everyone’s amazement, Jesus chooses to perform His first miracle of turning water into wine.

This particular banquet, divine miracle and “act of love” prompt us to ponder and reflect upon the importance of marriage and family.

We can divine the significance of water, the choicest wine served last and the love to be matured over time through the newly married couple.

The Sacrament of Marriage between a husband and wife takes courage, commitment, sacrifice and vulnerability. Each of us can be encouraged by witnessing the sacramental love through a committed relationship which is cause for celebration.

The 2023 World Marriage Day will be celebrated in February. In Vermont, married couples who will be celebrating a milestone anniversary this year and were married in the Catholic Church are invited to the 10 a.m. Mass at The Cathedral of St. Joseph on Feb. 5. Recognition of couples married 5, 10, 15, 20 … 50-plus years will follow the Mass. There will be a reception in the parish hall after Mass.

Please contact Nicole Hamilton at 802-658-6110, ext. 1131 or by Jan. 27 to register. Include the couple’s names, anniversary year (5, 10, 15, 20 … 50, 51 or more), Catholic parish married in and name of priest/deacon who officiated. Requests will be accepted through Jan. 27.

Congratulations to all married couples. Let their love bear witness to God’s faithful love and a little bit of heaven on Earth through their marriage covenant.

Marriage for Life Prayer

God of Blessing, God of Love, in this lifelong covenant of marriage,

may we always be aware of your presence.

May our home be filled with the light and goodness that come from You.

May our marriage become the gift to the world you intend it to be.

May our joy in each other be abundant as your joy is abundant in us.

May our family reflect the image of Your absolute and unfailing love.

Through all trials and blessings of family life, may we turn and surrender to you in every moment, growing stronger in the faith, hope and love that binds us ever closer to you.

Grant that we may nurture in each other grace and wisdom, rooted in you while daily growing toward your heavenly kingdom.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord.


—Terri McCormack is diocesan coordinator of marriage and family life.

—Originally published in the Jan. 14-20, 2023, edition of The Inland Sea.