If an employee of the Diocese of Burlington associated with the diocesan insurance policy sustains a non-life-threatening injury on the job, who you gonna call?

The Church Mutual Nurse Hotline.

“We keep our eyes out for new, innovative programs with an already-proven track record to improve outcomes for employees hurt on the job,” said Betty Wyhowanec, administrative assistant in the diocesan Office of Insurance and Facilities. “This [nurse hotline] has a huge impact on the health and healing times of employees.”

The new program will go into effect Dec. 1 and get medical information to injured employees quickly and then provide them with documentation of the triage call.

According to churchmutual.com, if a non-life-threatening injury occurs while an employee of the Diocese is on the job, he or she can get fast and free advice by calling the 24/7 Nurse Hotline at 844-322-4662 before spending time and money at a health care facility.

The Nurse Hotline benefits both employees and employers by providing immediate medical advice on the most appropriate form of treatment. “Getting health care questions answered quickly and at no cost to employees is a win-win for everyone,” the site notes.

This service is powered by Medcor, which provides injury triage services from coast to coast, giving injured employees instant access to specially trained medical professionals and state-of-the-art triage protocols. As a result, employees experience better health outcomes and employers benefit from greater productivity, minimized frequency and reduced severity of workers’ compensation claims.

“In fact using Medcor service through this program can serve to reduce the overall insurance premium cost,” Wyhowanec added.

The call center is staffed with registered nurses under the direction of Medcor’s full-time medical director who is board certified in emergency medicine.

For more information about the program in the Diocese of Burlington, call 802-658-6110 ext. 1141 or ext. 1205.