The Diocese of Burlington is currently conducting two important studies resulting from the Diocesan Synod, one regarding the development of pastoral plans to create vibrant parishes and another to gauge the feasibility of a campaign to support those plans at the parish and diocesan levels.

The Disciple Maker Index Survey is being conducted by the Catholic Leadership Institute; The Feasibility Survey is being conducted by Steier Group. Both the Catholic Leadership Institute and Steier Group are consultants to the Diocese.

“These surveys are equally important,” emphasized Ellen Kane, executive director of development, stewardship and communication for the Diocese of Burlington.

The recently concluded Diocesan Synod identified building vibrant parishes as a top priority, with evangelization and communication as key factors. The Disciple Maker Index Survey will help parishes develop a pastoral plan based on their unique strengths and weaknesses.

“The Feasibility Survey will provide information about the type of support available to implement the pastoral plan at the parish level and at the diocesan level,” Kane explained. “These surveys are being done simultaneously because the results of both will help us decide if and how to move forward.”

The Feasibility Survey is due first and can be completed online by going to, clicking on Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington and entering the password Burlington. The deadline is March 10.

The Disciple Maker Index Survey is a tool created by the Catholic Leadership Institute to:

+ Allow parishioners to reflect upon their spiritual growth and discipleship;

+ Identify the ways in which the parish effectively supports that growth and look at opportunities to support that growth more in the future;

+ Provide valuable input to help pastors and parish leaders make decisions and plan effectively;

+ Help pastors and parish leaders have a sense of where to focus their evangelization efforts.

The Disciple Maker Index looks at spiritual growth through several different themes:

+Attitude and Belief Questions: Connections with the local Catholic/parish community, spiritual growth, personal beliefs, and conversations about faith.

+ Participation Questions: How frequently do parishioners participate in various parish activities?

+ Relationship/Satisfaction Questions: Parishioners’ satisfaction with their parish, pastor and parish activities.

+ Demographic Questions: Understand parish communities and who is responding to the survey.

The Disciple Maker Survey deadline is March 31 and it can be accessed at