The first Vermont Catholic survey in the Year of Communion has to do with faith. Vermont Catholic Managing Editor Cori Fugere Urban asked each of the respondents below, “How do you share your faith?” Their answers follow.

“As a priest, the ways that I share my faith include preaching, teaching individuals and groups in various settings and striving to celebrate the Church’s sacred liturgy, especially the Holy Mass, with reverence and devotion.”

—Father Brian O’Donnell, chaplain, St. Philip Neri Latin Mass Chaplaincy, Burlington

“Sharing my faith used to look more like a philosopher rifling off some medieval logical proof than lending a listening presence, like it does today.  Faith that listens first, rather than speaks, promises, ‘I will not invade or impose’.  Faith that Christ living in me, recognizes Christ dwelling in them.

— Christopher Johnson, director of evangelization and faith formation, St. Mark Church, Burlington

“As a deacon, I’m privileged to participate in the sacraments. I assist parish priests at Mass, witness vows exchanged at weddings, perform baptisms, pray at funerals with families bidding farewell to loved ones. I bring communion to sick and homebound parishioners whose faith I find profoundly moving.

—Deacon Tom McCormick, St. Francis Xavier Church, Winooski

“I share my faith by example … helping clean my church and coordinating a student effort to pray the rosary weekly at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Brattleboro.”

—Regina Patria, grade 12, St. Michael High School, Brattleboro

“I can share my faith implicitly by my behavior and joyfully by sharing The Creed. … I share it by being open and sincere about what I believe in and living that authentically.”

—Peter Orlowski, teacher, St. Michael High School, Brattleboro

“I am a lifelong Catholic but began sharing my faith and truly living it when I became a mom. We had our children baptized, brought them to Mass, prepared them for their sacraments. As an employee of The School of Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales, it has been a blessing to teach the students to pray, see God in simple things … and rely on Him with confidence. I also like to live the way Jesus taught by helping my colleagues any way I can.”

—Marcia Hendery, Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales Parish, Bennington

“I live and share my faith by being an altar server. … At the beginning of Mass, I like to carry the cross and hold the book as Father reads from it. My favorite part of altar serving is ringing the bells and setting the altar table for the Holy Eucharist. … I enjoy talking to the parishioners after Mass. I love helping [the priests].”

—Donovan Smith, grade 5, School of Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales, Bennington

—Originally published in the Spring 2022 issue of Vermont Catholic magazine.