In honor of the Year of St. Joseph, this issue of Vermont Catholic features respondents named Joseph (or a form of the name) who answered the question, “What characteristic of St. Joseph do you want to emulate?” Here are their responses.

Father Joseph Lively, senior priest of the Diocese of Burlington: “There was so much Joseph was challenged with, and he just wanted to do the will of the Lord. He was obedient.”

Jozef Madey, St. Edward Church, Derby Line: “What characteristic of St. Joseph would I want to emulate? His loyalty. I would like to say that once I take on a commitment, I remain dedicated to it until its fulfilment.”

Joseph Gainza, St. Augustine Church, Montpelier: “The Gospel of Matthew describes Joseph as a ‘righteous’ and kind man who trusted the Lord and protected Mary and her child. He quietly served his family and his Lord. He is a model for what I hope to be.”

Joseph Aubert, Rice Memorial High School, South Burlington: “I try to always work hard and be kind and caring.”

Jozef Segura, School of Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales, Bennington: “I admire St. Joseph.  What more could you ask for than to grow up to be a good man, a loving husband and a devoted father who always looks after his family?”

Joseph Canney, Rice Memorial High School, South Burlington: “A characteristic that I share with St. Joseph is the fact that he used his hands as a carpenter, and I’m a very hands-on learner.”

Joseph McKeon, St. John the Evangelist Church, St. Johnsbury (father of five): “St. Joseph was a great father. That is what I try to emulate.”

Joseph Viner, Christ the King School, Burlington, Class of 2015 and Rice Memorial High School, South Burlington, Class of 2019: “I have always looked up to St. Joseph as my namesake. I admire how he was an example to Jesus in his words and actions. I strive to be a hard worker like St Joseph.”

Joseph Balkan, Christ the King School, Burlington, Class of 2016: “I strive to emulate St. Joseph’s unwavering care by always looking out for my family, friends and communities.”

—Originally published in the Spring 2021 issue of Vermont Catholic magazine.