For this education-themed issue of Vermont Catholic magazine, Managing Editor Cori Fugere Urban posed the question, “Which of your teachers had the greatest impact on you and why?” Respondents’ answers follow.

Edmundite Father David Theroux, St. Michael’s College, Colchester

Sister Thea Bowman, The Institute for Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University in New Orleans

“She had such force of personality that she was totally credible. You trusted what she said. You trusted her to shape you for what you needed to do to minister to African American people.”

Sister of Mercy Laura DellaSanta, Colchester

“The Sisters of Mercy at St. Monica and Marian High schools in Barre influenced me because of their care for all students. They went the extra mile to advance students. I became an educator because the Sisters of Mercy instilled in me the value of education for each individual no matter their background or abilities.”

Dorothy Barewicz, St. Joseph Cathedral Parish, Burlington

Dr. Robert Wicks at the St. Michael’s College (Colchester) summer master’s program in theology

“The material he provided challenged me to think critically beyond my experience and comfort zone.”

Michael Casalinova, Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales Parish, Bennington

Sister Catherine Corbet, 7th-grade teacher, St. Paul School, Wellesley, Massachusetts

“She was super fun and super animated. I modeled my teaching after her” at Bennington Elementary School

Father Lance Harlow, rector, St. Joseph Cathedral, Burlington

Carol Morgan, English teacher, Windsor High School

He appreciated her precision for English and English grammar, her love of literature and her ability to teach students to write and think critically about literature. “She challenged us to be excellent. She was keen on writing and writing well, and she held us to a high standard.”

Cameron Casalinova, Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales School, Bennington

Patty Dailey, middle school teacher “She’d sit with me, and I could talk about anything I wanted. She’d listen and give me advice.”

Julie Rapoport, The Bishop John A. Marshall School, Morrisville

Barb Annetts, fourth-grade teacher, Stowe Elementary School

“She was a wonderful teacher and completely inspiring. She had so much energy and enthusiasm; it made me want to learn more. She made learning fun and believed in me as a student. She pushed me to be a better student and cared about my academics. She and a few other of my elementary school teachers even attended my wedding.”

—Originally published in the Fall 2020 issue of Vermont Catholic magazine.