The release of the investigative report on ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s exploitation of minors and young men and abuse of power offers further evidence of the reality of sin in the Church and the presence of a distorted clerical culture that allowed these things to happen.  It is another sad stain on the life of the many faithful clergy and on our Church.

I thank Pope Francis, Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin and all those who performed the necessary investigations and work for the composition of this thorough and honest report.  I have read the entire report, and there is much to ponder. As I have said previously, “The sins of the past must see the light of day in order for us to use the light of the Holy Spirit to cleanse the Body of Christ.”

I apologize once again to all victims of abuse at the hands of the clergy and the Church. I will continue to do all that I can to help these survivors find the necessary spiritual and physical healing they need.

While no priest or bishop of Vermont is mentioned in the report, it issues a stern warning to those of us who are ordained: be vigilant against sin in our lives and strive for holiness of life.  I tell you, my brothers and sisters, that I strive to live as a holy priest and that I have committed my life to eradicating the sin of clericalism and its resultant manifestations from our Church. I continue to be vigilant in making sure that all children and vulnerable adults are protected in our Church and to be committed never to do anything to cover up these sins or sinful acts.

For further information or to report abuse or suspected abuse within the Church, you may use the following links:

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God bless,

Bishop Christopher Coyne