Will you help us to continue to fill the gaps for the most vulnerable Vermonters?

Since 1929, Vermont Catholic Charities has been filling in the gaps for the most vulnerable Vermonters of all faiths and races. Thousands of individuals and families receive support through emergency aid, residential care homes, counseling services, and denture program.

We fill the gaps no one else can.

“John” is a dad of two children; one has special needs. John works full-time, but makes too muchmoney marginally to qualify for any services like Section 8, food stamps, etc. We helped John with a utility bill and food cards.

In January, “Valerie” called with an emergency. She was running out of propane and was afraid thatshe and her two daughters could not stay in their apartment without heat due to the severity of the weather. We paid for a delivery of propane to keep the heat on.

“Kira” is a single mom working full-time and trying to make ends meet, when her hours were cut. She got behind on her rent and faced eviction. We helped with rent so she could stay in her home.

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