Burlington Bishop Christopher Coyne has authorized a special collection to support relief efforts for the victims of the war in Ukraine.

Parishes may take a collection over the next three weekends and then send the funds to the Diocese.

“The Diocese will then send the funds to Catholic Relief Services in order to ensure the funds assist those impacted by the war,” said Msgr. John McDermott, vicars general.

According to the CRS website: “A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Ukraine after Russia invaded the country from three sides in the early hours of Thursday, February 24. Cities across the country have been bombed, including the capital city of Kyiv and the eastern city of Kharkiv. 3 million people have now fled the ongoing fighting and are headed for safety in neighboring countries like Poland, Hungary, and Moldova. More than 500,000 children have been displaced and over 800 civilian casualties have been reported. This displacement crisis is the fastest exodus in Europe since World War II.

“Conflict is not new to Ukraine. The country previously fought with Russia in 2014, which forced 1.3 million people from their homes and claimed 14,000 lives. Throughout this time, Caritas Ukraine, with support from CRS, has been providing emergency relief and recovery.”

In addition to contributing to the parish collection, individuals can make donations directly to Catholic Relief Services by going to crs.org.