This issue of Vermont Catholic magazine has a focus on the Eucharist, so Managing Editor Cori Fugere Urban asked Catholics who participate in Eucharistic Adoration why they spend time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. In addition to explaining their own reasons, some respondents expressed the hope that more people would avail themselves to this special time with Jesus.

“I have a devotion to our Eucharistic Lord. … [Adoration] is a way to have a person-to-person conversation with God and do an examination of conscience. This half hour empowers me, reactivates my spiritual nourishment and enables me to give to others.”

—Father Agnel Samy HGN

Administrator, St. Charles Parish, Bellows Falls

“I love Jesus. I’d like to see more adoration. I get to sit with the King of Kings. The Almighty. The All Powerful. And He gives me a peace that no other can give.”

—Donna Copeland

St. Monica Church, Barre

“Adoration is a special gift for me. It has a calming influence. I feel God’s presence during adoration. The minute I walk through those [church] doors, I feel the Holy Spirit come down on me, and I feel totally at peace, and I can handle anything because I know God is with me.”

—Sharon Vivian

St. Augustine Church, Montpelier

“I like the contemplative nature of it … to be passively reflecting. I can just … be present with our Lord.”

—Michael Bottiggi

St. Anthony Church, Burlington

“I am amazed God has brought me here [to adoration]. I’m at morning Mass. I’m at [morning] adoration, and I am not a morning person. It’s a gift. I know it’s life changing. There is a friendship I feel with Jesus that is fostered in adoration. If we were giving out cash here, people would be lined up. Jesus is better!”

—Danalda Chenette

St. Augustine Church, Montpelier

“[Adoration] gives you another opportunity to be with Christ. I try and really listen to hear Him tell me what to do next. … Adoration helps foster vocations and builds the strength of the community.”

—Henry Simpatico

Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales Church, Bennington

St. John the Baptist Church, North Bennington

“My heart is forever in the presence of Jesus. Seeing other comes to adore Him fills me with love.”

—Vicky Trudeau

Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales Church, Bennington

“I need [adoration]. I grew up with it. It has always been important to me. I come to be with Jesus. It fosters holiness in the parish, and it fosters community.”

—Carol Salazar

Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales Church, Bennington

“I go [to adoration] because I am contemplative by nature. I like peace. I like quiet. I like intimate communication with ones I love. I speak to Jesus, and He speaks to me. And I have developed a great devotion to Divine Mercy.”

—Paul Lamontagne

St. John the Baptist Church, North Bennington

—Originally published in the Fall 2022 issue of Vermont Catholic magazine.