As families throughout the world struggle to survive amid ongoing armed conflicts, Catholic Relief Services calls for U.S. Catholics to turn in their CRS Rice Bowls and welcome a new era of peace and solidarity this coming Lenten season.

“Whenever we see an uptick in fighting, we see an increase in food insecurity,” said Beth Martin, CRS director of mission and mobilization campaigns. “Countries like Ukraine prove that there is a connection between conflict and families being able to put food on the table. CRS Rice Bowl is one of the best ways that U.S. Catholics can show their solidarity with people who are struggling with hunger and poverty, partly due to these global armed conflicts.”

Since 1975, CRS Rice Bowl donations have gone to programs overseas dedicated to ending hunger and poverty.

“The small sacrifices made by U.S. Catholics this Lenten season are going to add up to significant help for our sisters and brothers around the world,” Martin said. “We know over the past three years, Covid-19 increased food insecurity globally. Unfortunately, all the armed conflict we have seen has only accelerated that. CRS Rice Bowl donations are more important now than ever.”

While CRS Rice Bowl donations primarily go to programs overseas dedicated to ending hunger and poverty, 25 percent of the funds stay in the Diocese where they are collected. As families continue to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, supporting efforts to end hunger and poverty in U.S. communities remains of vital import.

—Catholic Relief Services

—Originally published in the Winter 2022 issue of Vermont Catholic magazine.