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Contemporary Moral Issues


Science and Faith Articles and Links:

The Dispute Between Galileo and the Catholic Church

The Galileo Legend

The Papacy and Galileo

God and Evolution – A Dialogue by Avery Cardinal Dulles

Billions of Planets, but Only One Earth

A Day Without Yesterday:  George Lemaitre and the Big Bang

Alpha and Omega:  Reconciling Science and Faith – Archbishop Chaput

The Biblical Basis of Western Science – Stanley Jaki

Vatican Observatory


Suicide, Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia 


 Sexuality, Chastity, Contraception

Same Sex Attraction and Homosexuality 



 Media Issues 


  Bioethics: Stem Cell Research, IVF and Genetic Engineering 

Books to Help You Know, Love and Defend Your Faith


Recommended Resources (recommended by Scott Hahn, Professor at Franciscan University)
{P}=Protestant and non-Catholic Authors


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