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Insurance & Facilities

Insurance and Facilities operates under the purview of the Office of Finance.


Insurance and Facilities oversees the purchase and administration of insurance coverages and claims affecting Diocesan-affiliated parishes, schools and Vermont Catholic Charities residence homes.

 Property Loss Report



Facilities coordinates with the Diocesan Building Commission regarding building projects. It also assists the Insurance Division with administration of our annual SAFETYFIRST™ Grant Program, to enhance building safety. The program offers a 50% matching grant each year up to $7,500 for qualified projects, as funds may be available. The program has awarded over $630,000 for the successful completion of nearly 210 projects.

The Facilities Division also performs detailed Tri-annual building inspections of every building on every property affiliated with the Diocese. In addition, the office monitors annual Essential Maintenance Practices (EMP) trainings for all Diocesan-affiliated daycares, schools, and rental properties, and provides EPA-mandated annual asbestos training for, and semi-annual asbestos inspections of, all school maintenance personnel.

SafetyFirst™ grant program funds have been fully distributed. We are currently not accepting new applications.


Cathedral of Immaculate Conception 1862-1972

Energy Efficiency

The Diocese of Burlington is embarking on efficiency upgrades for our HVAC and lighting systems for the Diocesan Administrative Office Building at 55 Joy Drive in South Burlington. Through the cooperation of several local companies, coordinated through Efficiency Vermont and CommonsEnergy, we are expecting to see significant savings and overall building efficiency over the next decade. Along with this efficiency upgrade is the exploration of solar power to offset the rising cost of electricity and to better the environment through a reduction of carbon emissions.

If you are interested in an energy efficiency audit and potential energy savings projects for your parish or diocesan building, contact outreach@vermontcatholic.org.