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Giving Societies

Go out and spread the Good News!



The roots of our Catholic faith here in Vermont lie in our noteworthy history. When we read about the remarkable men and women who prepared the soil and planted the seeds of our faith, we realize that the Holy Spirit has been at work from the beginning.

One significant signpost in that history was the official establishment of our Diocese, when Bishop DeGoesbriand was appointed the first bishop of Burlington in 1853. We look back at that year with great pride, and in that memory we discover our roots and we find our hope for the future.


Bishop’s Circle, 1853 Society and DeGoesbriand Circle

Today this same Spirit continues to work in our Diocese as we reach out beyond our church walls to go out and spread the Good News. Those in the Bishop’s circle have been moved to make gifts of $3,000 or more in support of that mission. Many in the DeGoesbriand Circle have been made gifts of $1,000 or more. The 1853 Society has been established to acknowledge those who support the annual appeal with a gift of at least $1,853. We are grateful for their generosity and foresee that with the growth of these giving societies, our Diocese too will be blessed with growth, and many will find their way home to the Church. 


Founders Society

Founders Society members are those faithful donors who have consistently given seven or more years to build a solid foundation for the Catholic Church to grow in Vermont. These lifetime donors give at many different levels and ensure the mission of the Church continues to thrive in every community.


Become a Member

Members of the various Giving Societies have opportunities to gather throughout the year for fellowship and briefings on the impact their support has had in the Diocese of Burlington. Audiences with the bishop and detailed communication throughout the year ensures the societies’ bonds are woven within the Kingdom of God as it expands within the State of Vermont.

If you are interested in joining or want to find out more about the mission and benefits of giving societies, contact the Office of Development and Communication today.