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The Inland See


“An Inland See” (Howard Coffin (L. Brown and Sons Printing Inc.: Barre, Vermont, 2001)) tells a brief history of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington from its birth until the new millennium (2000). Then Bishop Kenneth A. Angell initiated the project, declaring that “it is the duty of Catholics who live today to record, preserve and pass on our story to those yet to come.” In his introduction to the completed book, he encourages readers to “now do likewise, adding our own moments in history and passing them along.” That is the hope for this new, diocesan bulletin, “News from The Inland See” — to add our own moments to the history of the Catholic Church in Vermont. Each week, you will find information about upcoming events and opportunities in this one-page bulletin insert. Consider attending, volunteering at, or praying for the various happenings of our diocese and be a part of the moments that contribute to the Catholic Church in Vermont today.