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VCC Office 403(b)

Start Saving for Retirement

When you join Vermont Catholic Charities, Inc. you will automatically become a participant in our retirement plan. You will receive a notification by mail from VOYA with your account login. At that time, you can choose to defer portions of your compensation into your retirement account. You can increase or reduce deferral amounts at any time. You will also be eligible for an employer contribution after you have completed 2 years of qualified service. 

1. Read about plan benefits:

For detailed information about the 403(b) retirement plan, please download the Summary Plan Description.

If it is your first time enrolling, please visit enroll.voya.com and enter the plan and verification numbers to start the process.

2. Decide how much you can contribute:

Visit Voya MyOrangeMoney calculator (link is external) to decide how much you can contribute every year. Don’t forget that you will be able to receive employer, non-elective contributions when you satisfy two years of service.

3. Evaluate and select your investment funds:

Read important information such as asset allocation, past fund performance and fees. Please log in your account at My Voya (link is external) to learn more.

4. Need retirement guidance? Speak to a Voya Financial Advisor

Voya is available to offer guidance on the best strategy to meet your retirement goals through the Vermont Catholic Charities, Inc. 403(b) retirement savings plan.

5. Login to My Voya (link is external) to make or change your retirement elections or call (800) 584-6001.

6. Keeping up with Voya:

Read up on the latest news from Voya experts to help you retire better. Please visit Voya Financial Blog (link is external) to learn more.