White Ribbon Against Pornography 2019
WRAP Week 2019 • October 27 – November 3
The White Ribbon Against Pornography (WRAP) campaign, begun in 1987, brings people together to promote awareness and tackle the societal harms of pornography. is year’s WRAP Week runs from Oct. 27 to Nov. 3.
Pornography is big business. It is aggressive, savvy and available online for free in content to lure new users, marketing to both males and females. As Americans, we are immersed in media and the exposure to pornography. There is a dangerous addiction to pornography; the brains of those addicted to it are triggered much like that of people with drug or alcohol addictions. As with any addiction, recovery is a long and challenging process, and help is needed to regain freedom from it.
Here are four ways you can participate in the WRAP campaign:
1. Wear a white ribbon; it’s a great conversation starter.
2. Talk to your children and grandchildren about pornography and its harms.
3. Politely make complaints to businesses that distribute or advertise pornography and obscene material. 4. Pray and fast that God would heal those harmed by pornography and struggling with compulsive pornography use.
Create in Me a Clean Heart, a 2015 pastoral response by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Reclaim (reclaimsexualhealth.com)
End Sexual Exploitation (endsexualexploitation.org)
Social Media Platform Safety Center
Google’s SafetyCenter (google.com/safetycenter/ families/start); Apple’s Parental Controls (support. apple.com/en-us/HT201304); Snapchat Safety Center (snapchat.com/safety))
Protect Young Minds (protectyoungminds.org)
How to Strengthen Your Marriage After Porn Addiction
For Your Marriage (foryourmarriage. org/pornographys-effects-on-marriage-and- hope-for-married-couples)

— Terri McCormack is marriage and family coordinator for the Diocese of Burlington.
—Originally published in the October 19–25, 2019, issue of The Inland See.