Because the Winter 2022 issue of Vermont Catholic magazine focused on the good works done by Catholics throughout the Diocese of Burlington, the survey question Managing Editor Cori Fugere Urban asked was, “How are you called to be charitable in your community?” Members of the Christ the King School Community in Rutland gave the following responses.

“It is imperative that we reach out in love and service as Jesus taught us. That means concrete action in the community feeding the poor, welcoming the stranger, etc. We want our students at CKS to understand that our faith requires we move outside of ourselves in service to others. Collecting food and clothing are but two examples of that service. They learn to roll up their sleeves and get to work, one person, one work of service at a time.”

—Msgr. Bernard Bourgeois, pastor of the Rutland-Wallingford Catholic Community.

“I want to help the poor. I made blankets in K Kids,” an after-school program, to be donated to people in need.

—Ezekiel Bogertman, grade 3

“My calling to be charitable in my community is my way of following God. God wants His people to work together in a community; by my teachings of helping others, my students and I create a community of giving and receiving support which in return provides generosity and gratitude to others.”

—Courtney Hier, pre-K teacher and early education director

“I love helping people. … I like to be part of anything that will help the world. [Helping others] makes our community a better place.”

—Giuliana Bertelloni, grade 3

Doing works of charity “helps people get back on their feet,” [so I] volunteer at Dismas House, [a transitional home in Rutland for former prisoners], and help make meals.”

—Cash Fortier, grade 7

“I try to remember 1 Peter 4:7-11. I am called to fill different roles at different times but always with the loving Spirit of Christ, and all for the glory of God, whether as a math and religion teacher, basketball coach, youth group leader, extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, school choir director, painter, brother, son and/or a brother Knight” of Columbus.

—David Perry, middle school math and religion teacher

“I feel like I am called to serve the community by even the simplest of things like helping with the church Mass or helping someone across the street. Community service isn’t all the big things you do; it is also the little things you do to help people in need.”

—Greta Courcelle, grade 7

“I am called to serve my community with even just little things — for example, helping my classmates with schoolwork or opening the door for someone. A religious form of service is altar serving at Mass. Doing this is not just for the sake of it. It is like presenting yourself to God out of love. You shouldn’t just be forced to serve, but you should do it because you care. Being called to help others isn’t work, it is a wonderful thing.”

—Frances Locsin, grade 7

“Faith is the basis of everything I believe and do. Faith calls me to do whatever I need to do for the school community and the community at large.”

—Lila Millard, principal

—Originally published in the Winter 2022 issue of Vermont Catholic magazine.