The Rice Memorial High School Senior Class took first place for Best Overall Class Performance for their skit titled “The Reunion” at this year’s 92nd Annual Stunt Nite at the Flynn Theatre Nov. 22. The Junior Class were runners up with “KIB-Knights in Black.”

Other awards were:  Best Vocal Act:  First Place “Out There” – Senior Class, Second Place “Sh-Boom” – Senior Class; Best Act: First Place “I Like Big Bags” – Senior Class, Second Place Tie “NBA2K” – Sophomore Class and “Jawdropping” – Senior Class; Best Acting by a Class: First Place – Senior Class, Second Place – Junior Class; Best Band: First Place – Junior Class, Second Place – Sophomore Class; Best Class Finale:  First Place – Senior Class, Second Place – Junior Class of 2024.

“The majority, if not all, of Rice students participate in Stunt Nite! It’s a big deal at Rice,” enthused Paulette Bergeron, who with her husband, Joe, were the volunteer directors.

Stunt Nite began in 1929 as “Vaudeville Nite” under Principal Father Robert Joyce who later became the sixth bishop of Burlington.  It was created as an evening of entertainment consisting of stunts and skits performed by members of each of the four classes to raise funds.  The event was so well received it was decided to have a second show the following November.  This time, prizes were awarded, and the senior class of 1930 was the first grand-prize winner.  By 1932, the name was changed to Stunt Nite and it became a highlight of the school year.

“Stunt Nite remains a unique, entertaining annual community event filled with laughter, song and dance,” Bergeron said. “It builds confidence and forms friendships among the classes — an event unlike any other.”