The Christ Our Hope campaign is a three-year campaign. Due to the pandemic, the initial March 2020 launch was delayed until the Fall of 2020. Thanks to the generosity of many, we raised $4.46 million last October-December with most of the donations distributed directly back to parishes for their greatest needs. Many parishioners asked us to come back this year to consider a commitment. Over the next three months, we will continue our campaign to build vibrant parishes, strengthen faith formation, and increase emergency aid to the poor. Whatever we raise will be used for the Glory of God.

Preaching (Today)

VIBRANT PARISHES ($6 MILLION) Our parishes are the heart of the Church. They provide the foundation upon which our greater faith community is built. Addressing individual parish needs is a paramount goal of the Christ Our Hope campaign, especially in light of the pandemic. At least 60 percent of the dollars raised at each parish will fund priorities such as a parish reserve fund, new initiatives, capital improvements, etc. The pastor and parish leadership teams will work together to identify these needs. Vibrant parishes will be the catalyst and hope for advancing the mission of the Church in Vermont.

Teaching (Tomorrow)

FAITH FORMATION ($2 MILLION) The future of our faith depends on solid formation for children and adults alike. During the pandemic, our ministries and schools quickly adapted to create new remote learning opportunities. Twenty percent of funds raised will support an endowment that allows for flexibility to be creative during times of crisis and support catholic schools, youth ministry and evangelization — no matter the circumstance.

Healing (Forever)

SERVE THE POOR ($2 MILLION) Serving people experiencing poverty, especially at times of greatest need, is integral in sharing and communicating the love and compassion of Christ. Funding an endowment for Catholic Charities emergency services will help bridge the gap for the most vulnerable people in our Vermont communities, especially those families impacted by COVID-19. Catholic Charities is only able to cover about 20 percent of the amount clients need in emergency aid each month. Given the limited financial resources, it is unable to serve, on average, 70 families per month. That is 280 individuals every month, over 3,300 people every year, that we are currently unable to help.


Endowment funds will be held at the Vermont Catholic Community Foundation.

The VCCF is a stand-alone nonprofit corporation that is separate from the Diocese of Burlington. The endowment funds for these ministries are designed to serve the ministries in perpetuity. All contributions made by benefactors to the Christ Our Hope campaign are restricted to uses outlined in this case for support

—Published in the Oct. 16-22, 2021, The Inland Sea.