Last month more than 100 teens and adults attended the Steubenville East Conference in Lowell, Massachusetts. This was the third year the Diocese of Burlington sponsored a trip there.

Steubenville East is one of a series of youth conferences sponsored by Franciscan University and Life Teen Inc. Some 40,000 teens participated in conferences throughout the United States this summer in such places as Atlanta, Denver, San Diego and Seattle.

“Steubenville is so exciting and such a great way to come closer to God,” said Chasca King of Swanton.

Ali Redding of Fairfax said, “The Saturday night procession and adoration is always a highlight for participants. Most talk about very personal encounters that occur during this time.”

Her sister Sophie did not initially want to attend. “Being a naturally introverted and shy person, I didn’t think I’d be comfortable surrounded by thousands of people in a place I didn’t know. But after some thought, I decided to take a step out of my comfort zone and do it, and I’m glad I did!” she said.

The date for the next Steubenville East Youth Conference is set for July 12-14, 2019.