As the Diocese of Burlington entered into its Year with the Saints, Vermont Catholic Managing Editor Cori Fugere Urban asked people what saints have significance to them and why. Here are their responses.

Herald of Good News Father Thomas Aquinas, administrator, Mary Queen of All Saints Parish, Hardwick

“My favorite saint is St. Anthony of Padua because he is so much loved by the poor and the sick. From my experience from the village where I come from in India, many of the people know about St. Anthony, and he is well known for his miracle work. And in every family in my village, [someone] will have this saint name. … And he is most loved by everyone.”

Richard Trombley, Holy Angels Parish, St. Albans

“Back in the early 1980s I had the privilege to go to Philadelphia and attend a Mass with Pope John Paul II, and luckily I had front-row seating with some priests. When the pope finished Mass, he came down to bless the priests and give them a rosary. He was right there face to face, and I was able to touch him. He has a special place because he’s a saint, and I honor him daily.”

Reba Lemnah, Holy Angels Parish, St. Albans

“One of my most favorite saints is Mother Teresa of Calcutta because she was so humble, so loving, so giving and thought of the poor first instead of the rich. And she set a good example for the world that they should follow.”

Brian Pierce, Mount St. Joseph Academy, Rutland

“I’ve chosen St. Sebastian to be my confirmation saint, partly due to the fact that he is the patron saint of athletes, and he is also the patron saint of archers. I am a bow hunter, and I play many different sports. So I thought it would be nice to have a saint that would look over me while I do those things.”

Rachel Gregory, Christ the King Parish, Rutland

“I have a special devotion to St. Rose of Lima because I look up to her for a model for my own life. She had devout faith despite adversity from her family, and she devoted her whole life to prayer and helping the poor and homeless.”

Tommaso Rendino, St. John the Baptist Parish, North Bennington

Padre Pio is significant for me because we go back a long, long time. We started conversing when he was still alive, actually, back in the early ‘60s, and the relationship has developed. Then the good lad became a saint, made it to the altars, and we talk even more frequently since that time.”

Donovan Smith, The School of Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales, Bennington

“I like St. Anthony because when I lose something, he can help me find it. He is the patron saint of lost things and the patron saint of miracles. It is a little miracle when you find the lost thing with the help of a saint. When I lose something, I say, ‘St. Anthony, St. Anthony please come around. Something is lost and cannot be found.’”