Logan Forcier, a seventh-grader at Christ the King School in Burlington, picked up a new hobby this year: knitting winter hats.

After making many for teachers and friends, she still had some leftover, and this surplus initiated a seventh-grade service project.

Further inspired by the middle school reflection book “I Will Always Write you Back” by Martin Ganda and Kaitlin Alifirenaka — who become childhood pen pals who change each other’s lives — teacher Seana Mancini and her class decided to create various winter items such as hats, scarves and blankets for the residents of ANEW Place at the nearby former Champlain Inn.  Soon Ava Gangsei and Maryann Nunn brought in handmade blankets and Nick Russell reminded his class that warm socks and toiletries are also a need for homeless persons. The class project took off from there.

ANEW Place provides temporary housing to people in the Burlington area who are experiencing homelessness. “This important ministry is a godsend to those in need, especially during these cold winter months,” Mancini said.

The class walked to ANEW Place recently to deliver their homemade creations.