Lisa Lorenz of Ascension Church in Milton is a single foster mother of a 2-year-old boy.


“My home has always been one that welcomes others; how much more for a little one?” she commented.


Lorenz is superintendent of schools for the Diocese of Burlington, interim principal of Rice Memorial High School in South Burlington and principal of the Diocese’s St. Therese Digital Academy.


“I have always worked with children in some shape and form and have always enjoyed it,” she said.


She has had older foster children in the past. “It is so rewarding when you build that trust and see those giggles and [hear the] laughter, seeing them grow and gain new skills while providing a loving home.,” she said.

She is open to adoption and plans to continue to foster other children.


For those considering foster care, Lorenz offered this advice: “Be patient with the system, it can be frustrating and is not always convenient, but the reward of providing a safe, loving and secure home for little ones who have seen and been through a lot is well worth those moments. The effect you can have on these children is lasting when you keep this in mind.”


The challenges of being a single foster parent “really are no different than any single parent who works and is raising a family,” she said. “It comes with a lot of sacrifices and a very busy schedule, but the added struggles are the [foster care] system meetings and requirements that add to the schedule.”


She is grateful for support from loving family, friends and community members who quickly offer help. “I am reminded that God has a plan for all of us to help raise His children,” she said, noting that her faith is the reason she became a foster parent: “I felt God was tugging at me to offer myself for this service especially with all the support I have been surrounded with at my work, community and family. I could not say no.”

Originally published in the Spring 2018 issue of Vermont Catholic magazine.