Burlington Bishop Christopher Coyne would like to hear Catholic Radio throughout Vermont, but more people are needed to bring it to their local AM or FM dial.

“From there we can start to build a network similar to the Light Network that is currently on the air with a Protestant message,” said Donna McSoley, Vermont Catholic Radio president.

Since it went on the air in 2017, there has been plenty of positive feedback, she said. “People are really enjoying learning more about the faith and report that it’s addicting to listen to.”

The current station covers most of Chittenden County, with its strongest signal nearest Burlington.

But hopes are high for greater coverage. “We all need support in our faith and to be listening to good, positive, daily inspirations, and it’s important to hear it a uniquely Catholic perspective, which is almost never heard from any media today,” McSoley said. “The Catholic faith is so rich in its saints and its beautiful Church teachings that there is never an end to the things we can learn.”

She said listening to Catholic Radio on a regular basis, can help people learn about their faith and refresh their spirits. “We are a missionary Church, and it’s our duty to spread the truth beyond our pews so that everyone can hear this Good News.”

Catholic Radio can be a lifeline for shut-ins, the sick or the elderly that need a surge of new hope, she continued. They can hear and pray the rosary together or listen to the celebration of Mass. “It’s an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to speak to their hearts and increase their faith and bring peace to their loneliness,” she said.

The radio programs can help people that are having personal problems or have questions about their faith. Many shows allow people to call in with questions to be answered by an expert in the areas of marriage and family, addiction, theology, apologetics, current events and world news.

“The radio can also help to unite our Diocese and be available to report any timely messages we may need to be aware of or to simply get the word out about a church supper or bible study that may be happening in your local area,” McSoley said. “Although we may be made up of many small parishes, we still belong to one Diocese, and even still, we belong to one holy, Catholic, apostolic Church. Radio can help us feel less alone, our church less small and more connected to our brothers and sisters in Christ.”

For more information on bringing Catholic Radio to your area, email Donna McSoley at olphradio@gmail.com.

—Originally published in the Spring 2019 issue of Vermont Catholic magazine.