…from meat. Learn about connections between meat consumption and ecological justice.

…from carbon Make responsible lifestyle choices. Instead of driving alone, join or organize a carpool. Have an energy-efficiency audit done on your home and follow through with suggestions. Explore renewable energy opportunities for your home or workplace. Try to reduce your overall use and consumption of goods.

…from plastic. Opt for glass, metal, ceramic, wooden or clay re-useable replacements. While much plastic is recyclable, producing plastic requires use of crude oils, which depletes the Earth of natural resources.

…from waste. Attempt a zero-waste lifestyle.


…to local farmers and artisans by purchasing their products instead of products from big businesses, which require excess packaging materials and fossil fuels for shipping and often don’t observe fair-trade practices.

…to a community garden (or organize planting one) to help address local hunger.

…to local, state and national parks to help protect God’s creation and provide areas to behold natural beauty.

…time to learn about living more ecologically and socially conscious, then put what you learn into practice.

…togetherness. Shop for, prepare and eat a family meal together instead of purchasing fast food or ready-made meals, which require excessive, single-use packaging.


…for ecological justice, that we may return to a right relationship with all creation.

…for the grace to grow in virtue, which helps us to make more ecologically- and socially- conscious decisions.

…for the vulnerable, especially those affected by disease and severe weather due to climate change.

…for the Church, that it may use its prophetic voice to encourage action for ecological justice.

…in thanksgiving for food, for those who grow, raise, prepare, transport and distribute it and for healthy and clean soil, water, air and environments required for its growth.

…in praise for something beautiful that inspires wonder and awe.

— Originally published in the Spring 2017 issue of Vermont Catholic magazine.