As we walk through the Eucharistic Revival in the light of the Emmaus experience1 throughout the United States, we must also be aware of the real presence of the Holy Eucharist among us through the Scripture. Jesus calls us “to be the witness of these things.”2 This article gives a couple of mustard seeds that we can use to move mountains before us and to increase our faith in the “Real Presence of Jesus Christ” by reading the Holy Bible.

The Holy Mass is full of mysteries to mediate and to reflect on daily. To know Jesus Christ fully, we need to “taste and see”3 these mysteries in the Holy Bible. Mysteries are made known by revelation4 , as St. Paul says, “For I did not receive it from a human being, nor was I taught it, but it came through a revelation of Jesus Christ.”5 The Word of God is a mystery, and we need a spirit of boldness to open our mouths if we want to talk about the Word to anyone.6

Consequently, Psalm 119:130 states, “The revelation of your words sheds light, gives understanding to the simple.” We know Jesus is the Light of the World.7 The Word must unfold itself by the mercy of God8 and the living Word9 can only be received by a humble and contrite heart.10 The Light shines in the darkness and darkness cannot overcome it.11 The verdict, St. John says, is “that The Light came into the world, but people preferred darkness to Light because their works were evil. For everyone who does wicked things hates The Light and does not come toward The Light so that his works might not be exposed. But whoever lives the truth comes to The Light, so that his works may be clearly seen as done in God.”12

There are two ways we respond to the mystery of the Word in the Holy Eucharist: 1. “If today you hear God’s Voice13, do not harden your hearts.”14 2. “When I found your words, I devoured them; your words were my joy, the happiness of my heart.”15

The first response shows our tendency to stop reading the Holy Scripture because of being close-minded towards God’s Word. Something turns us off when we read the Holy Bible. By contrast, the second response shows that we are in love with the Word of God.

What is the effect of the Word in our Eucharistic life?

— Father Rijo Johnson, SDV, is pastor of Mater Dei Parish in Newport, Derby Line, and Island Pond.

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—Originally published in the July 15-21, 2023, edition of The Inland See.