As confirmations resumed in the Diocese of Burlington after having been postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vermont Catholic Managing Editor Cori Fugere Urban posed this question to students and teachers in three Catholic schools: What is your confirmation saint name, and why did you choose it?

Jasmine Mounsey, St. Michael High School, Brattleboro: “As my saint I chose Maria Goretti. The reason I chose her is because I admire the forgiveness she gave to her rapist and murderer. I want to be able to forgive people just like Maria Goretti did.”

Ezra Christi, St. Michael High School, Brattleboro:

“I chose St. Sebastian because I admire his courage. Sebastian was a Roman guard who secretly evangelized people to the Catholic religion. Caught by Diocletian, he was condemned to death by arrows. He went back to Diocletian after almost dying and encouraged him to repent. Diocletian, condemned him once more, this time killing Sebastian.

Meghan Perron, teacher, St. Paul School, Barton

“I’ve always had a special place in my heart for people less fortunate and in need. St. Margaret of Cortona took care of the sick and anyone that was unwanted. I’ve always enjoyed helping people and being a voice for them.”

Carmen Tarbox, teacher, St. Paul School, Barton

“My middle name is Rose; I was named after my grandmother, Rose. I wanted to be like my grandmother who showed kindness to everyone. St. Rose of Lima is the patron saint of florists, and it reminded me how I loved to work in our flower gardens with my mom as I was growing up.”

Joanne Beloin, principal, St. Paul School, Barton

“I’ve wanted to be an educator all my life, and I knew I could use all the support I could get! St. Scholastica is one of the patron saints for students, and I am a life-long learner.”

Kristina Trevits, teacher, St. Paul School, Barton

“I am a convert, wife and mother and became a teacher. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was all of these as well.”

Savanah Perry, Mount St. Joseph Academy, Rutland

“Matthew is a significant name in my family. Matthew was one of the 12 Apostles and had a close relationship with Jesus. I want to have a close relationship with Jesus.”

Gunnar Blanchard, Mount St. Joseph Academy, Rutland

“Thomas is my grandfather’s name. I wanted to honor him so chose St. Thomas” Aquinas.

 —Originally published in the Winter 2020 issue of Vermont Catholic magazine.